Noise Demo at Cook County Jail in Solidarity with Hybachi LeMar

Noise demo in the streets outside Cook County Jail with banner 'free the prisoners, burn the prisons'

Prompted by the recent arrest of beloved community member and organizer Hybachi LeMar, local anarchists, prison abolitionists, & friends took to the streets around Cook County Jail in early July to show solidarity with LeMar and all incarcerated people.

Fuck 12 anthems were blasted, pots, pans, and buckets were banged, the prison walls were redecorated with messages of solidarity, fireworks were set off, and chants of “free them all” were met with raised fists in cell windows, shouts, and dancing from inside. The small but energetic group of approximately 20 people was spotlighted and trailed by more than four cop cars and one prisoner transport van as the lively crew marched around the perimeter of the jail complex.

CCJ, the largest single site jail in ameriKKKa is responsible for the deaths of at least 7 people in the first two months of this year alone. Recently there have been reports of consistent flooding in cells, leaky plumbing, black mold, bug infestations, bad water, no soap, moldy and mice-bitten food, and an increased lack of privacy (view or listen to this full report, also In Contempt).

Chicago has been defunding mental health services in a big way since 2009. This has led to the funneling of thousands of people into emergency rooms and even more into the jail that also serves as the largest mental health provider in the state– and one of the largest in the country. Despite years of Sheriff Thomas Dart’s self-congratulatory claims of “reforming the broken criminal justice system” with a focus on crisis assessment and mental health screening, according to LeMar’s recent statement from Division 5, people inside are still reporting the “denial of mental health assistance despite requests, for detainees mentioning suicide to correctional staff”

LeMar was arrested in May while leaving the mutual aid distro that he has been holding down on the South Side for years. At the distro LeMar could be heard remarking “food for the body, food for the soul,” with a glimmer in his eyes while giving out free food and radical literature in the projects. He is currently being held at Cook County Jail with no bond and funds for his defense are in the negative.

Hybachi is a survivor of repeated state violence and is a thriving, loving, and giving community member. He could be sent out of state away from his family and community work. We need help making sure he gets out and he stays safe!

People locked up at Cook County Jail - Division 11