The Unmanacling of the Mind (part 1)

Listen to a recording of Hybachi LeMar from Cook County Jail “The Unmanacling of the Mind” part 1: (also see Part 2 and Part 3)

This message is being delivered to you who suffer alone in the night, looking for a way out, who may be so misunderstood, who may even be thinking of suicide. It could be due to internalizing false perceptions of self, being confined to the miseducation that you received, or not having any real guidance in school, at home, or in the streets.

It’s my intention that this message be used to wrap it’s arms around you who feel alone in this world, and to deliver it to you whose will may be weak. In it, to find revolutionary redemption, with the transformative powers of truth, leaving the illusions of worthlessness behind and liberating relief.

The Unmanacling of the Mind – by Hybachi LeMar.

There comes a time when each of us must come face to face before the mirror of self reflection. This most monumental of movements, this self-directed decision, this unaccompanied step – marks the pivotal moment of it’s emancipation.

While paradigm shifting perspectives, such as collectivism, anarchist communism, and mutual aid, extend to us illuminating ways to overthrow governments with as a society, anarchist education involves, essentially, a crossing of the threshold of consciousness, a sense of self we arrive at, a clarity in the conscious mind.

It shouldn’t be any surprise why this education isn’t taught in public schools, or why the governments that sanction them brand us as terrorists and ban our pamphlets and books. The conquest of consciousness precedes recruitment into imperialist wars of monopolists who make their livings valuing profit margins over the lives of the people living marginalized. It drills a prejudice of patriotic pride to the memory of our class at an age when the minds of the students are impressionable the most.

The consequence of this mental monopolization is responsible for the loss of hundreds of millions of lives, the maiming of morale, and the paralysis of intercontinental potential. Social studies classes ironically have led to anti-socialist acts that have split us apart like the atom. We, in a sense, become like ticking time bombs, self abandoned, a walking question mark – educated in how to be governed instead of how to govern ourselves.

Another link in the chain that’s been individually holding us back is our attachment to the labels that we’ve accepted – being called this, that and the third, being laughed at and ignored as a nobody has alienated many of us to the limits of self-denial.

In this deprivation of self-knowledge, we’ve also accepted whatever paid psychologists have prescribed us, and have become dangerously addicted to the drug of our diagnoses. We’ve search for gurus for guidance. We’ve allowed ourselves long enough to be coerced into accepting these elusive labels as our reality.

The desire to detach ourselves from the manacles of these conditions lays dormant in every human being aching to be free from this leash, and each of us drawn to distance ourselves to reflect, who when asked “why are you leaving?”, the answer is “to find myself”. The human is the only being alive known to look for itself.

In The False Principles Of Our Education, the individualist anarchist Max Stirner prioritized in his teachings that the ultimate purpose of education isn’t simply the acquisition of knowledge, but to use the essence of it’s truths in a personal way – to become one with this sense of self, which opens to us deeper understandings behind the doorknob of self-discovery. He wrote – and mind you, the word ‘he’ that he uses can be replaced by any pronoun of choice – that “on the day when man regarded it as a point of honor that he should be alive to, or cognizant of self, acting with complete autonomy, with full self consciousness, that that day he will begin to banish the ignorance that’s been holding him, her, or them back from embracing it’s power in an intimate way.”

With this knowledge, we find that we can direct a course of our lives with the consciousness that no indoctrinating school can coerce, that we can find our own guru ‘within’ for guidance. That we don’t have to accept society’s labels, or rely on accredited mental doctors to tell us who we psychologically are. We now become self-definers who take the step to look within to find relief from the chain of thought that’s been holding us back. No longer automatons, but autonomous: replacing medications with meditations. Educated, and tapping into the power of self-affirmation.

Abolitionists, as Harriet Tubman is noted as saying: “In my lifetime, I freed over 200 slaves: I could have freed over 200 more if only they knew they were slaves”.

Such knowledge serves as the key which, once internalized, unlocks unparalleled potential and the unmanacling of the mind.