The Unmanacling of the Mind (part 2)

Listen to a recording of Hybachi LeMar from Cook County Jail “The Unmanacling of the Mind” part 2: (also see Part 1 and Part 3)

The mind, unfettered from the cuffs it’s been conditioned to wear, is able to step forward by the determined Act of the will. That proactive step forward is a revolutionary Act. In the snap of a finger [SNAP], we can release ourselves from the tyrannical chain of emotions, now no longer holding us back.

Crossing the threshold, is to break free from the limits of unenlightened awareness, into an atmosphere of mental illumination. We deliberately use the force of Will, the faculty in Africa known as HeruKhuti, to free ourselves from the facades we’ve associated ourselves with, like fallen chains.

Separating ourselves from the impermanent nature of our personas alleviates us from suffering the consequences of their conditions. The despair of dark depression, the heartaches, and the sense of Intolerable loneliness are ties we sever ourselves from with self-disciplined detachment.

The name HeruKhuti is not merely a faculty we can tap into, it’s also an alchemical formula, when broken down and intimately internalized.

Heru, is defined as the Will of the higher self. Awakened.

Khut, means brilliance and splendor, the kind that emanates from the Sun. And Ti means Two.

HeruKhuti has been known as, He Who is Upon the Double Horizon, by egyptologists. The degree of inner standing this nature extends into the illuminating reaches of Kemetic antiquity. The word, hu, in the name HeruKhuti also relates to Divine Utterance; and the tongue, though being barely 7 inches in length, has the potential of shifting the paradigm of the planet.

The emancipatory powers that come in being in direct possession of this faculty, becomes crystal clear in our redirecting of focus. Your ability to cut yourself free from what restricts a close connection with self will expand your sense of awareness. Your ability to divide darkness from light is a responsible power.