The Unmanacling of the Mind (part 3)

Listen to a recording of Hybachi LeMar from Cook County Jail “The Unmanacling of the Mind” part 3: (also see Part 1 and Part 2)

Regardless of the miseducation that we received, despite what we see with our eyes, the sun doesn’t rise in the east and set in the West. It’s the Earth, which actually sets in its rotation around the Sun, making it appear to rise in the morning, and it’s the rise of the Earth, and it’s orbital inclination which makes the sun appear to set every night. What we perceive as a sunrise, is really an EarthSet. And the sunset, an EarthRise. This obviously goes against common sense, and how Dusk and Dawn is viewed when we look at the news, which instead of re-educating people along the lines of reality, reinforces illusions. When asked, “what makes the world go round?” The common reply is “money”, when actually it’s inertia. Inertia, the scientific principle of maintaining, meaning, an object in motion moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force. And that an object at rest, relatively speaking, stays at rest. Another misconception that’s arrested our development is that people never change. Yet life changing epiphanies are happening everyday. We’ve been led to feel that we have no potential. So many of us walk the alleyways feeling worthless. It’d be safe to conclude that a substantial amount of people in this world actually grow up without knowing right from wrong. Those struggling with survivors’ guilt aren’t solely to be blamed for their errors in judgment. The position we find ourselves in has been politically protracted. The path the population’s been geared to follow has been laid out from blueprints, governing the way Society moves, from miseducation to genocide; we’ve been socially engineered.

For example, their schools don’t teach how we could solve the problem of poverty altogether by replacing capitalism with the self-sustaining, progressive momentum of mutual aid. Or how struggling to make ends meet everyday in the world can be circumvented, by sharing the things we produce at work with our communities instead of submitting our labor power to corporations and bosses.

We’ve been disarmed from the awareness of our life-changing potential. Being baited by a big fish eat little fish way of life has left the majority of human beings underwater. Predatory capitalism has reeled us into a velocity of violence. A constant state of socio-economic instability, out of sync with the world and essentially with ourselves. In dividing truth from non-truth, become disillusioned.

Move with self-sustaining momentum. Let nothing discourage you from your course.

Rise in courage with the reminder that it’s The Cutting Edge moments when our world appears to be going down right in front of our eyes, when Paradigm shifting realizations begin to dawn!