On the Powers that Come With the Possession of Knowledge of Self

Hybachi LeMar speaks from Cook County Jail:

May these teachings empower you.

No matter how lonely you may feel in this world, regardless how deep the degree of depression – there’s no circumstance so consuming, no dilemma so dark, that it can inhibit your inherent ability to enlighten yourself. Self-enlightenment enables you to be in touch of who you essentially are. It releases yourself from the restraints of blind obedience you’ve chosen to disconnect from. It’s a tapping-in that enables the disinherited to see in the dark. To us, it’s presented as knowledge of self, and with this knowledge comes many powers.

One such gift that comes with this knowledge is the nature of intuition: the sages of Kemet upheld it as the most important quality to develop. It’s known as Tehuti, a faculty of self-enlightenment, that in the hour we bid intellectual confusions of this world good night, that the eye of our intuition becomes awakened. In the Ifa philosophy from Ille Ife, in what’s known today as Nigeria, the Orisha of knowledge is known as Orunmila. Becoming intimately one with his energy can generate light to the lightless. The energy of knowledge invoked infuses those who possess it with evocative powers. Orunmila, the Orisha of knowledge is also known as a doctor. Ela loses it, Ela binds it. Ela is another name for Orunmila.

With the practical use of knowledge, we can specifically isolate things that cause dis-ease: we can lose it, and we can bind it. Using knowledge to detach our minds from the dis-ease gives us immense power to heal ourselves from the emotional symptoms once we release it. Every effect is created from the cause that produced it: the mind has a direct influence on the emotions. We can alter the way tha we feel by controlling the way that we think.

Orunmila, Orisha of knowledge, known also as Ela Wori, saves society from confusion with the clarity of it’s nature. It’s the power that can bring order out of apparent chaos. It’s the repairer of ill luck. No amount of money is accepted in the receptive nature of knowledge: it’s invaluably priceless. Ifa philosophy teaches that there is no child bearing person who could not give birth to Orunmila. In Kemet, where the teachings of Tehuti was delivered. it was taught that self-knowledge is the basis of all true knowledge. We know what works for us and what doesn’t: reliance outside of anything outside of ourselves for approval has led to a series of unnecessary psychoses.

It’s beneficial therefore to remember that you are not the mistakes that you’ve made, nor are you the ephemeral nature of the emotions: neither are you your body, but the consciousness possessing it, and these are your powers:

You have the power to find clarity by tapping into your intuition.
You have the autonomous power to think for yourself.
You have the power to release from your mind the things that cause it dis-ease, and to receive the knowledge that comes from within to restore it to health.
You have the power to heal from suffering due to any errors from judgement, and if you feel so degraded that you isolate yourself in the dark, you have the power to doctor your heart as an emissary of light.
You have the power to navigate successfully through the night.

Recognizing that the mind has a direct influence on the emotions, we find that we can change the way that we feel by being in control of our minds. The essence of reality isn’t in the circumstances which is subject to change, but in the subject who at any given moment can change it. No matter how condescending the insult, regardless of how much force the arms of repression may be applied in their struggle to keep you down, once you are aware of who you essentially are, nothing can keep your immaterial mind from rising above any circumstance experienced in the material world.