On The Knowledge We Can Gain From The Gnat

Listen to Hybachi LeMar speak from Cook County Jail:

The Knowledge we can gather from gnats is noteworthy in many respects. While often confronted by frowns and used as metaphors of mockery towards those with “limited attention spans”, they nonetheless can teach lessons to those who’d study their nature in ways that often escape our immediate grasp!

With a nimble sophistication, they carry themselves to the destiny of their desires: from the urinals they silently ascend from, to the ceilings they land on with remarkable grace. While humanity’s deepest dreamers drift eloquently off into flights of fancy, how many have taken a moment to fancy their flights?

With an air of nonchalance, its ability to elevate grants it the luxury of looking at the world around it from different perspectives. You may chuckle to catch someone suddenly start clapping their hands in the air at apparentlynothing & no apparen t reason, at all.

The reason?

The gnat.

How many times have we smacked ourselves, and hopefully not a friend, as a price to pay for underestimating its natural genius?

The nature of its ingenuity – a quality of ‘character’ not taught in public schools – if not careful enough, can drive men with brains over a thousand times the size of its body from the most prestigious of cliffs!

Its wisdom is natural.

No PhD.
It must move wisely to evade the spider web weaved under the faucet it perches itself on top of. If the eye of its swatter looks close enough, it will see that it bleeds just like us. Yet, no funeral for the fruit fly.
No coffin made for its corpse.
Their little ones seemed the least moved by the approaching hand of human hostility; and in their naivete, appears stoic, from their respective position in life: and for these reasons, I say respect, before giving it its proverbial wings.

From the gnat, we can learn of the practical powers of patience, and the beauty that comes from exercising the virtuous nature of nonchalance. It reminds its observant students of how we too can draw from the rhythm latent in the choreography of our charisma. In the brevity spanning its life, it guides us to innerstand in this system designed to restrict our Movements, of our ability to remove ourselves from harm’s way – as it does from ceiling to sink.
It offers us a seat – as a facilitator of natural philosophy – that we may draw from its silent performance the knowledge, a tranquility of intellect no human professor has been able to rival.